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Our goal is to help the people we serve to live a life as independently as possible. We take seriously our role in assisting others in acquiring a safe home in a secure environment. Only the Absolute BEST staff are hired for to be a part of our Management team. Our in-home support specialists are thoroughly trained on proper health and safety procedures as well as the individual service plan. While an individual may have to live with round-the-clock staffing, we believe we are guests in the home and endeavor to behave as such. This means all meals, in-home activities and outings are arranged according to the interests of the resident. Staff provide proper supervision and safety while ensuring a "their house, their rules" atmosphere.

Our In Home Support Specialists assist with:

Personal Care

High Quality Meals


Transportation to and from Doctor Appointments

Administering of Medications

Maintaining health and safety of the Resident

Planning and transporting to and from Activities and Outings of the Resident’s choice

NVP- Nurse Visitation Program


We also provide 24-Hour Management of the home. Our management team oversees all personnel in the home to ensure the highest quality of care is provided.

Residential Services